Baptist Hall of Fame

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Welcome to the Baptist Hall of Fame.

Walking with Giants

The Hall was created in 1983 by Pastor Richard Dion, as a means of recognizing those Christian men and women who have had a significant ministry in furthering the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the United States of America.

Each year hundreds of ballots are sent across the nation to pastors, evangelists, missionaries, Christian educators, and Christian leaders, to nominate a fellow labourer for Christ to the Hall of Fame. In order to achieve this, the nominee must obtain 75% of the vote cast.

This Baptist Hall of Fame, now celebrating its twentieth year, is the only one of its kind in America.

We invite you to read about the lives of these, some who have fought a good fight and kept the faith, some who are still in the fight, and hope that their examples will be an encouragement to you in your pursuit of Christian excellence.